Sunday, 31 August 2008


I first read about SKIPtheatre in Dazed a few months ago and was reminded of the trio after seeing them in the Offset brochure, I only went to Offset on Saturday, even though the best line up was on Sunday - Maccabees AND Metronomy, sob. Anyway, I caught a glimpse of SKIPtheatre's outfits and wonder if they have been the main influence behind Topshop's circus window?

Have you seen Topshop's Pierrot hat? SKIPtheatre are your new style icons.

The hat is ACE and totally Tim Walker, but could I really wear it knowing that its been in the window of Topshop and isnt in fact a little Holly original? Nope.

Back to SKIPtheatre, this is what they say:

SKIPtheatre specialise in site-speific performance and theatrical events. Their work mixes devised theatre, clowning and live art with music orientated environments to create a dynamic event - which involves audience participation in skipping routines.

SKIPtheatre grasped early fame with their debut performance at Corsica Studios in early 2007, since then their work has gone nationwide, performing skipping routines at last years Glastonbury Festival, Love Box and at Camden People's Theatre. They have also performed at Fabric, Adventures in the Beetroot Field (Bournemouth), Aganovich Fashion Show (London Fashion Week) and at the celeb haunt Smash and Grab at Punk, to name a few.

As if that wasn't enough for the trio, SKIPtheatre also create on their own performance based club nights and parties around London, where they combine a selection of emerging talent from bands and dj's to performance, dance and art.

So there you go, bagsy going to the next party


claire said...

hi there, i saw skiptheatre on sunday at offset, they were v fun, and gave out free skipping ropes! cool nautical outfits too.

i won an unofficial drunken skipping contest in the campsite later on, with the record of 12 skips!

y-s x

Christina Sanders said...

yeah, I saw them too. I skipped in there big skipping rope for a bit too, until I tripped that is!

Anonymous said...

Skiptheatre were so bad , dire in fact.Three dumpy bossy girls doing dull things with jump ropes. My little sister is more fun . AVOID.