Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Back to Black

I love that Grazia has interviewed the leadsinger of Ipso Facto and compared her style to the recent YSL catwalk - this ol' blog was onto the greatness of Ipso Facto's style back in March ps Grazia!

Anyway, I don't think i'll be following Stefano Pilati's creative vision and donning black lipstick, however, I am tempted to invest in a bit of blood red, Chanel are doing an ace lipstick called Fantastic Plum for £17.50, if you want to match your nails to your lips - a this season must - then pick yourself up a Tulipe Noir Le Vernis nail varnish from Chanel.

Alternatively go to Rimmel as they have some purse friendly options!


Christina Sanders said...

I really really love your blog, we seem to have scarily similar tastes, it almost feels like I am reading my own thoughts in some bits!
I will keep checking back!
Lots of love


loveyoumore said...

What a lovely comment, I have checked out your blog and its ace! x