Monday, 1 September 2008

Grazia goes daily? Yep...

Us trusty bloggers thrive on continual fashion news, whether its the unveil of a shoe or the brand new collection from Topshop, it becomes addictive.

When Grazia comes into my office on a Tuesday I pop it straight into my bag and devour it on the bus home - of course I pop it back into the magazine rack for all to read the next day - either that or my boyfriend steals it - yep, he does that quite often.

So imagine my delight when I was sent a link to the very new and incredibly shiny !!!

The website follows the format of the magazine with Top Stories, fashion Must Haves - 'Five OClock Fix' is going to lead to the ultimate drainage of my already depleting bank account.

My favourite story today?

You heard the one about Terry De Havilland popping a 'springolator' in Amy Winehouse's shoes to keep them on her feet when she has...erm...been standing up for too long. Apparently its a bit of elastic stitched into the narrowest part of your shoe sole , oh let Terry tell you: ‘It's actually something that was pretty standard in the 50's, but somehow it died out. The elastic makes the mule snap back to your foot when you lift it to take a step.'

If you don't quite get what he's saying (me either) a spring-o-lator was designed by Beth Levine in 1952 in response to people walking too slowly in backless shoes, its a plastic insole, which, creates tension between the shoe and the bottom of the foot and stays on.

And then there is the one about Stefano Pilati slagging off everyine under the sun but in a veiled way, yeah not that veiled Stefano!

Oh and they've only got the bloody Gossip Girl trailer up...

Grazia Daily, welcome to my favourites

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Kate said...

totally the introduction of the word "springolator" into my vocabulary is wonderful :)