Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Totally Eley K

By now I am sure everyone is aware of my Eley Kishimoto addiction, I'm so addicted that I have chosen to write about this in my very short lunchbreak. The 'Little Devils' collection, their trademark smocks and shapes were seen in the collection in a number of bright colours.

I'm not sure if I totally agree with all of Tim Blank from's review of the show:

"The Eley Kishimoto DNA was clearest in things like the floral sundress with matching stockings, or a navy shirtdress with a pintucked waist, pieces that suggested innocence. But there was trouble once the middle part of the show—a group of oddly proportioned outfits in glazed raffia, or a sequined aboriginal lizard print—crossed over into attempts at worldliness. The designers pulled it back together at the end with swingy Art Deco chiffons in red, white, and blue—and the finale boasted a crash helmet in EK's signature zigzag that was a salutary reminder of their graphic genius"

Their use of bold colours is enviable and the hosiery in this season's show is a great example of how EK use prints so well.. but I do see Tim's point in regards to the raffia.

My friends all know this because I bang on about it constantly but when I was little I was totally obsessed with the lizard brooches you could then buy in Elizabeth Duke, my favourite was gold with green eyes. I've never seen one with that colour way since but my friend Fran did buy me a gorgeous Marc Jacobs lizard brooch when she last went to LA, which I love a lot. Now put this obsession together with my total love for Eley Kishimoto and you could probably see why the next three pictures made me squeak a bit...

THe Eley Kishimoto flash print has been seen on many a garment including Converse shoes of which i have a pair and a teddy bear but I must say this helmet is making me want to get a motorbike (or maybe wear it on a pushbike)

This next hat though, not so sure!

The following tuxedo jacket is one of my favourite things in the collection and a true investment piece

I will say the same for this brilliant tricolore skirt

This look has got me really excited too, there is a print of the lizard on the tights

I think I might buy this...

Again those bright acid colours are taking to the catwalk

These socks are a total must have for me, I cannot wait to get my feet in them!

So there we have it, what do you think? Personally I love Eley Kishimoto and can always see clothes on the runway which I would like to pop into my wardrobe, surely that is what this is all about?

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