Monday, 15 September 2008

If you were born in the 80's

I'm totally strung out, worked a 15 hour day today, on top of that I've totally pulled a muscle in my neck from worrying about work in my sleep, whatever, bore off, lets see some of LFW so far....yesssss

Topshop Unique went totally 80's a go go, watched by Peaches and Alexa amongst others

So what can we learn from Topshop Unique?

Everyone needs dd day (double denim)

Cyndi Lauper bows in your hair is the new D&G Queenie headscarf look

The playsuit remains omnipresent

This trench is your new favourite

The bodysuit is not going anywhere - big from now until 09

The trouser suit is back in a big way

There is going to be a heartsrevolution

Shoulders will be on show

Mix print and boxy shapes

I dont really like this but it will be in every magazine forever

Very Pam Hogg, this really is a bodysuit

this collection is exciting but not their most colourful or indeed wearable...I'll give it a go

Topshop Unique is perfectly tending to its market with this collection, long may they rein!

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