Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Lovely Luella

I had to turn down a ticket for the Luella show because of work (boo hiss)

At Luella there was a lot of all of the below:

Boxy jackets

tiered frilly skirts

big hair bows

net veils

tulle gloves

pearl chain handbags

What Luella said:

"I wanted it to be a proper, ladylike character—but a bit psychedelic," Bartley said. "And I wanted color, but in a sort of sick way. When I saw it all lined up, I thought, Ew! Can we do this?"

Well lets have a look shall we....

Totally asymmetric and slightly bonkers skirt and those shoes!! Its like a gran on acid, in a good way

That's more like it, i love these gloves and dress is one that Primark will already be working on copying

See, that trouser suit again...

Oops the gran has dropped a tab again - that detail on the skirt is divine

Imagine going to a wedding in this number, the detail, the fascinator

Mary Poppins where did you get your outfit from? Luella? You're totally on trend

Riding hats with veils, wowser

I do like this dressed down look

...and of course, there is a to die for coat in there

I do love Luella, i'm not totally convinced by this as yet although it is quite a logical move from the goth A/W collection with the veils bringing it through to S/S

Photos from Style.com

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