Monday, 2 March 2009

Get on yer horse

Pop Sugar posted a very informative blog about one of Effy from Skins' recent outfits, she was wearing a super on trend aerosol paint style horse t shirt from All Saints. I popped into All Saints in Spitalifields to check it out, I'm not normally a fan of the brand but the top really caught my eye. Unfortunately, it just wasn't all that flattering on me so I'll be looking elsewhere for my faux Margiela.

You may notice that the below t shirt is pretty similar, similar but not quite the same as it is actual Margiela and costs $1,395 so on reflection the £65 All Saints tee is pretty good value.

However,the LA Times recently noted that Margiela's shirt is pretty much ripped off from British artist David Penfound's 'Summoning The Storm'.

If you are looking for a cheaper version then I would suggest heading onto eBay where you can get the below for a tenner.


Georgie said said...

That all saints t-shirt is great. Although I can imagine you would have to be super skinny to look good in it, and thats not me.

MollyCake said...

or you could just take a road trip through middle america and have your pick of epic truck stop t-shirts replete with native american imagery. it's amazing.