Tuesday, 24 March 2009

MTV Staying Alive lip butter

I get a few emails from people who think I might be interested in their fashion news, sample sale offers and the like, some I politely turn down but others catch my eye.

One of those is the ‘Staying Alive’ foundation - a global HIV and AIDS awareness organisation established by MTV that funds youth-focused safe sex campaigns across the world.

They have teamed up with The Body Shop to create a lip butter, from which a percentage of the price go to The Staying Alive Foundation. You can buy the lip butter for £5.00 and £3.98 goes to the Staying Alive Foundation, to be precise.

The money will then be spent on HIV/Aids awareness projects in the UK.

Apparently the lip butter is inspired by dragon fruit, this doesnt mean its spikey rather that it is pretty exotic.

I just love the packaging

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Georgie said said...

The packaging is indeed great. And it's good to see so much of the cost going to the charity.