Monday, 16 June 2008

ASOS Limited 100

ASOS' Limited 100 collection hit the online store yesterday, handpicked by Henry Holland, Ben Grimes and Vogue's Emme Elwick from final year students at London College of Fashion. The designs are limited to 100 garments per design and the designs are selling out fast.

You can find them here

I love this Puff Sleeve All Over Sequin dress designed by Lui Sin Ki

What's great about this project by ASOS is that the students get 10% of the profit and three overall winners also get a placement at as well as an all expenses paid trip to Tokyo with the design team god knows that this is a great break for broke students!


Sarah said...

Went for a look at this yesterday and it was all sold out!

loveyoumore said...

Oh boo! I love the clothes but do not have the cash, at all.

Apols for being so slack but I have now put a link to your fab blog onto my links section

Holly xx