Sunday, 22 June 2008

Its not very fashion, hey ho

I know this blog is mostly about fashion and music, but on occasions I find something in London that I want to shout about, so I hope you don't mind me gassing on about Wahaca, its brill.

One of the best discoveries I made this weekend was Wahaca, Covent Garden's best Mexican restaurant. My friends and I often complain that London does not have a decent Mexican restaurant...well now I have found one, woop. Not discounting Mexi Cali on Wardour Street, who make a mean burrito, I enjoy many a carb coma afternoon after one of those bad boys. Well, Wahaca is a restaurant rather than a take out place so different.

I first heard about this Mexican restaurant while reading the GQ restaurant guide (yes, I tick them off as I go, what a loser), the restaurant has also won the Observer's cheap eats award- oh I didn't mention how reasonably priced it is - £26 for lunch for the two of us and we ate lots - as we were nursing hangovers there wasn't any alcohol involved.

Wahaca provides a great service, when queuing you are told exactly how long it will take to get a table and if you want to wander off for a quick drink while you wait they will give you a call when your table is ready. The food? You can either choose from the Street Food menu, Salads and Soups or Bigger Plates menus or mix them all up. We had six Street Food plates (that's what they recommend, we weren't being fatties). Some quesidillas, tostados, tacos and taquitos all washed down with their special Mexican Flower Water drink, which tastes a bit like a flowery cranberry juice.

My favourite dish? Well its a choice of three I'm afraid

Black bean & cheese quesidilla
Chargrilled rump steak taco
Nopalitos - mexican cactus (!)

All the food is sourced in the UK and free range, what more do you want?

Check it out

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