Wednesday, 4 June 2008

You knew it was going to happen

Yes yes, I went to see Sex And The City last night with one of my best friends, I never really watched it regularly - I don't know why - so sitting in the cinema surrounded by ladies replete with Cosmos (I say ladies rather than girls because it is definitely more accurate in that particular cinema) I felt a wee bit out of place. This lasted about 10 seconds.

I knew I would get some kind of shoe envy and sure enough in one of the first scenes it hit me. Carrie's Dior Extreme heeled Gladiator sandals became the pair I wanted. Lets face it, I'm never going to spend a fortune on Dior heels, because a) I dont wear heels that often so it would be a massive waste of money and b) I don't have enough money full top.

Cue, everyone's trusty little online shopping friend, who have created a rip off pair for a more palatable £55

Instantly I realised that I had seen this pair before on Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style in this very post being completely savvy, Michelle bought them in March - yes thats right MARCH. I need to get in step and pronto, still as you can see from QM's post they are super comfy shoes, so, when they come back in stock (yep sold out, boo!) snap em up!

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