Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Et Tu Brute?

These Abu Dhabi sandals from Office are ace (£55)

I spent the whole of Saturday afternoon looking for the perfect pair of Gladiator sandals and just could not find a pair that was good enough for my tootsies when I take to the beach in a couple of weeks. The problem is that I cannot stand anything between my toes so instantly this discounts half or more of the styles on the high street.

Since Saturday I have been scouring the internet and below are some of my favourite pairs...

Kurt Geiger Kimono sandals - £55

Carvela's Kane sandal £55 - yeah they aren't really Gladiator sandals but I do like the simplicity of them

Another hit for Carvela, these Kimberley sandals will set you back £70

These Kurt Geiger Kohl sandals are £45 and perfect for festivals

These are delish...KG's Luxors come in at £85

You are going to love the tan lines on your feet!


Sarah said...

I love the kohl sandals!!
I'm the same, can't stand things between my toes, I have tried many, many times always to end up in pain.

Katie said...

I really really hope that the sun comes out in Italy so we can get dodgy tan lines from our sandals... Can't wait.
ps. think you should deffo get the Office ones.

Lilly said...

Arhhhh I've just bought these Office sandals!!!!
Love them - got them in gold first and looked a bit like a genie so swapped for the tan ones hah x

runforthehills said...

Oh love love love the tan woven sandals!!!!

linking your page right now xx kirsty