Friday, 6 June 2008

Yes, another sample sale

Today was the Luella sample sale in Kensington, I only got my ticket yesterday and you cannot believe how excited I was. On entering the sale I started trembling with adrenaline. They were selling the Love, Love Love range as well as hanbags, coats and dresses. The prices were unbelievable, £150 for a handbag, £20 for tops. I had a good old rifle through the stock and tried everything on - no changing rooms so I ended up stripping off in the middle of the shop, a man got embarrassed at the site of my bra, hopefully because of my state of undress and not because he thought my bra was rancid!

I know its old, but the pieces were classic and beautiful.

Anyway, on to the purchases....

I bought a Bernie bag, yep, a proper grown up bag, kind of - it is bright orange after all

One of these:

One of these, its gorgeous and the quality is great, i got one in white

A black dress - the zip detail at the back, oh my gosh, i cannot find a piccy, sorry! It was last season dontchaknow.

I also got a green woollen skirt with black velvet trim and a Love Love Love sweater. Eek, now i've written it down it does seem quite a lot. Oh well, i loved every second of it!


Sarah said...

What great buys, sound like you really enjoyed yourself.

Harriet said...

Oh no! There was a Luella sample sale and I knew nothing about it? How did you find out about it/get a ticket, I'd love to go to next seasons?

Anonymous said...

Wow love the bag!!! Betty Jackson should be a good one too!Have just uploaded it to my website

loveyoumore said...

I was lucky with this one, a friend of mine was invited but couldn't make it so she gave me her ticket instead.

Still feel guilty about spending all the money to be honest!


etoilee8 said...

You know, if you love everything you got, that's all that matters. . . and don't listen to me because you'll end up broke, I am the perpetual devil on your shoulder.