Monday, 1 December 2008


(outfit - shoes KG at Kurt Geiger, tights vintage, coat from A.P.C)

It was mine and my bf's 6 year anniversary last week so we went to the fabulous Bistrotheque in Hackney for a lovely dinner, I thought I'd get dressed up for the occasion. As you can see from the above photo, I went to the Daniel Hersheson Blow Dry Bar at Oxford Circus' branch of Topshop and had a 'Bardot', which, to you and me is a humble beehive.

I was amazed at how quickly a skilled hand can whizz your hair into something ace, the Bardot took literally ten minutes, you start by backcombing - with a comb not a brush, until you look a bit like Edward Scissorhands /Worzel Gummidge with one bit sticking straight up from the crown of your head and the sides sticking out sideways, then you pin it together in a twist at the nape of the neck.

Sounds easy but I certainly couldn't do it without some eyes in the back of my head. Grazia magazine have put some instructional vids about how to do the Bardot up on their YouTube channel so do check that out if i'm being unclear!

Anyway, I am definitely going back to the Blow Dry bar for my work's Xmas party - its only £21 and saves you buying a new dress (ok, maybe not). The philosophy behind the blow dry bar is walk in, no appointment necessary, 30mins and you're done. They do 8 different styles, the hardest thing about going in to the Blow Dry Bar is choosing what style to have.

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