Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Never Love You More Honours List

So its New Year's Eve, which means that all papers are looking back to the highlights of the past year, so what better time to share some of mine?

Picture the scene, its pre Winter Pimms time in the NLYM abode and I am yet to get my gladrags on, however, I do have a tasty chocolate cake cooling in the kitchen AM I 40 YEARS OLD???? Anywayyyyyy, here goes....

Best Catwalk show of 2008
Its a tricky one of course and all fashion fans will have a different opinion but the Topshop Unique SS2009 show really grabbed me. It was exciting, young and really fun, I can't wait to get hold of the heart blazer or don some of their 80s head bands. The prints were bold and the colours decidedly pastel, just brilliant.

London shop of the year

Shop at Maison B - I am distraught by the fact that Shop At Maison B has now closed down, it was the best shop in London selling A.P.C, Sonia Rykiel, Vivienne Westwood jewellery, Eley Kishimoto and many more. So goodbye Shop at Maison B and thanks for the good times! p.s. here is to making My Sugarland THE shop of 2009

Best fashion blog
Apart from NLYM of course, well it has to be our old faithful Style Bubble Susie Bubble remains the best of the best, recently cited in The Observer Magazine's Top 50 Most Influential Blogs SB's latest fantastic addition is the Style Bubble Google Map which details all of Susie's favourite shops in London including some charity shop gems, a genius idea, excellently executed.

Best sample sale
Well it has to be Luella, where else can you get yourself a full length military coat for £85? I managed to spend A LOT at the two sample sales in 2008 and cannot wait to go again next year.

Nail varnish of the year
Miss Behavin Midnight Blue by Leighton Denny, I first got my mitts on this in February and have been obsessed with it ever since, the colour is rich and dark but it stains your nails like no ones business so make sure you have a base coat on to avoid looking a bit grubby.

Beauty innovation of the year
Wode perfume by Boudicca, Boudicca, the London based design house created by Zowie Broach and Brian Koakby launced Wode, their first fragrance, this year. Here's the blurb
Wode, the revolutionary Art Fragrance from BOUDICCA, explores further the myth around Queen Boudicca (aka Boadicea). Legend has it she and her tribe wore a cobalt blue war “paint” on their skin that gave them a ferocious and mythical look when advancing into battle. When finally defeated by the Romans, Queen Boadicea killed herself by swallowing hemlock, an extract of which is included in Wode.

See what happened when Grazia tested out the perfume in their Westfield office

Forward thinking fashion magazine award
....this goes to Grazia magazine, this year saw Grazia launch their brand new website, relocate to Westfield for the opening of London's most exciting retail development, create an iPhone app and regularly update their YouTube channel with behind the scenes footage from shoots and interviews.

Here's looking forward to next year, thank you so much for reading Never Love You More and do keep coming back as plans for a bigger and better next year are already in the pipeline.

Big love and big blue Wode grafitti kisses xx

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