Thursday, 11 December 2008

Purple rain....

After reading Bella Sugar's post about the return of purple nail varnish for 2009, I became a bit obsessed. I went in to my local Boots today and asked for the new Chanel purple nail varnish, of course I couldn't remember the name of it, that would be far too organised. Anyway, turns out its not in the shops until January 2009 and is indeed called Vendetta (£15), apparently the press office can't get enough samples in to send out to press - is the nail varnish the new IT Bag? Maybe we will need to get on a waiting list for it?

If you cannot bare to wait then Rimmel are doing a great purple called Pompous and its a sight cheaper than the Chanel version. Make sure you wear a base coat though because if its anything like the pesky fashionable deep blue then it will definitely stain your nails, I got the Rimmel 3 in 1 because again it was the cheapest in Boots!

Jump on the trend early!

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