Thursday, 11 December 2008

return to an old post

If you are in the habit of reading NLYM then you may remember a post about the Legwork DVD, well, since I wrote about it I have managed to get hold of a copy. My boyfriend thought it was hilarious when this turned up in the post.

I have spent the last few weeks feeling guilty for not hauling ass to the gym and instead eating all of the Christmas treats that keep appearing at Reception at work, so tonight, being a bit bored and taking full advantage of the boy being at work, I thought I'd give the DVD a go.

It's short and sweet at 30 minutes, although I did feel a bit cheated with the brevity of it. The core section took about ten seconds! Probably a good thing seeing as I am so unfit at the moment. So yes, it did make my muscles wobble a bit, lets see how long it takes me to sort my actually wobbly legs out. I think I need to get something that sorts out the rest of my body and not just my legs.

ANYWAY - why am I trying to get legs fit for the best high heels in the world?? OH, yes, check below....its only a bloody Nicholas Kirkwood sample sale. This man makes the best shoes ever and the sale is on the same street as my work, um fate much?

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Panda said...

Did you buy anything?? I want to seeeee!