Thursday, 1 January 2009

All the cool kids are 14 these days

If you happened to pick up a copy of Dazed & Confused's Teenagers issue then you will have heard of Charlie XCX, an up and coming 14 year old club kid who writes songs about Dinosaur Sex, yep.

Charlie calls herself a 'Club Kid Geek Freak' because she never misses college (is she old enough for college yet?) and loves History. Don't go thinking Charlie is some kind of cutesy pop princess because you would be sadly mistaken. Charlie XCX (standing for X Rated Cunt X Rated - obvs) has one song on her MySpace called Dinosaur Sex in which she details things she likes and references La Chappell.

The kids are getting too cool for school but they go anyway coz what's the point of not having an education Grandad? Deal with it.


Christina Sanders said...

Ugh, it makes me feel so bloody old, how depressing. x

loveyoumore said...

Ditto, ha. Oh well I plan to continue to be over dressed forever so who cares about age! x