Friday, 9 January 2009

Skins 3 - I cannot wait

Skins is returning to E4 on 22nd January and I am super excited - due to my obsession with the show. This year Effy (Tony's sister) is the leader of the gang - I wanted to say main protagonist but that tends to change with each episode as they focus on one character per week.

Effy is hot and her styling is bound to be amazing in series 3, below are photos of Katie Fitch and Emily, both of whom I shall be watching with baited breath as I think their outfits will be hot to trot.

Hurry up Skins 3 - NME Radio also mentioned today it would be hosting Skins Radio, which features sessions from bands whose music appears on the show including Filthy Dukes. worth a listen.


F. said...!!
i love skins&am nervous/excited about the new season
it's probably going to come on over here way later but i can wait...
however i feel i'll really miss the original cast&was still disappointed by the not-very-conclusive conclusion to the second season(i'm still going to wonder what's happened to everyone)

hattie collins said...

They have given RWD time with an unspecified one of The Skins massssive on Fri - i think it's a bit pot luck, see who turns up on the day, but we're hoping for the twins. Cos twins are kinda freaky, right?

loveyoumore said...

OMG Hattie, it has to be Effy or the twins? The others are dead to me until the series starts.

If you need anyone to make them tea, I'll come over - oh forgot about that job thing xx

hattie collins said...

urgh, job things are such a bore-off! I know they will fob RWD off with the dude from Congo though. I tell you NOW that's what will happen! In unrelated news, I am supposed to start taking antibiotics for a dodgy tooth. strong ones that mean you literally can't drink. Is it bad to wait till AFTER Tues to start taking them? Am I like, totes irresponsible to do that? Ho hum

loveyoumore said...

Take em for three days, it will have cleared up by then.

Doctor Hols x

Anonymous said...

i am going to make spaghetti bol.
and drink wine from a carton.
and pretend im not 28.
We'll have fun. Can we dress up?x

loveyoumore said...

I'm going to get ridiculously dressed up and bring so much Lambrini we sick up pink stuff