Monday, 5 January 2009

Person of the day - Ellen Burney

I think its a girl thing, or maybe just a me thing, but occassionally I develop a massive interest in the lives of people I don't know, today it's Elle magazine's Ellen Burney. I blame hours pouring over Elle and blame last month's Courtney Love issue in particular in which Ellen wrote about personal stylists on the high street and getting an Alexa Chung 'do. I like the way she writes, its nu school Elle and fun, a girl who obviously enjoys edgy fashion and can be pretty catty / caustic. In this month's issue (Kate Winslet on the cover) she writes about savvy sale shopping.

Oh the girl also brought my attention to the Urban Outfitters leopard print specs and their Bass brogues, thanks!

Yep, I googled her and found this picture but Ellen, if you're reading this, don't worry I am not about to hunt you down. The above street style photo of Ellen shows her at work in a great PPQ coat and details her love for Margot Tennenbaum.

Dear Ellen, I like your style, keep on keeping on, I'm well jealous.

ps Elleuk is now on twitter, find them here


Ms M said...

ahah i am obsessed wtih her column too! and i most have read that courtney love issue a million times (seriously, the papers all torn and ripped now!)

but yeah, that personal shopper article was the shiz and i soooo wanted that cute pink polka dot Urban Outfitters minidress! grrr


Anonymous said...

I met her once at a party. Such a nice girl and quite exquisite in the flesh.