Friday, 16 January 2009

Totally tagged

I'm very excited to receive my first ever tag from the lovely Christina Sanders who writes a sense sublime blog So the way this works is that I get tagged and tell you all six random facts about myself and then tag other blogs I love, so here goes.

1. I am a massive Whitney Houston fan - I told my boyfriend was my first tag and he thought I said I was a massive willy fan, amazing.

2. I am addicted to painting my nails after reading an interview with a lady who's Mum was a Bollywood actress, she believed that she was not fully dressed until her nails were done.

3. I have a random fear of bones touching, the thought of ankles knocking together makes me feel sick.

4. I REALLY want a dog.

5. I'm a bit scared that when I have a baby it will just roll out of me and look like one of those hairy creatures that were on the Sprite advert

6. My first ambition in life was to be a Top of the Pops dancer

Now it didn't take me long to think about these and I could go one FOREVER but maybe that just makes me a little bit mad? Who knows.

So here goes, I now tag Tissue Clouds, Freelancer's Fashion Blog and Cheapskate Chic I don't know any of these people so of course, they may well just ignore me!

1 comment:

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

I hate bones touching also! yik!

But you know what; you have been tagged once before, I tagged you soem time ago. But since I'm quite the lazy fucker (pardon my klangauge here) it might be I never left you a comment about it :P Here :
But you can of course do it still if you like!

Some time go I did answer seven facts about me (that I think only few ever read since no one really payed any attention to the fact that my other job is being a harbour worker for example :) here:

So I won't do the tag again but thanks anyway & Have a great weekend :D