Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Would you buy a pair of jeans for £1000?

You may have read in numerous newspapers about the Balmain jeans that are flying off the shelves at the mo, Harrods have a waiting list for them oh, and they are starting at £1000, yep. These are white jeans may I add.

So why so expensive Christophe Decarnin? Its the workmanship apparently - the jeans are made like motorbike leathers and therefore have lots of piping detail and big metal zips on the pockets and ankles.

The Telegraph fashion intern got to road test a pair (luck!) you can read her article here, in summary, I can tell you that she didn't like them but does add that they are the last pair in London.

Imagine how many fashion editors / models / celebs have shoe horned themselves into them for a night? Hmmm.


Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Ha, what's wrong with topshop jeans, eh? x

F. said...

imagine if you spilled something on them!!
i would cry!