Monday, 26 January 2009

Rob Ryan

For those who don't know, I live on Columbia Road in Shoreditch, which hosts the weekly and legendary Columbia Road flower market every Sunday. This attracts loads and loads of people to the street which is quiet and empty most of the time.

My sister and I had a gander down to check out the shops this week and it was so beautiful, the perfect antidote to a miserable grey Sunday morning. We were drawn to Ryantown, Rob Ryan's shop which sells his limited edition designs.

I checked out his blog today and noticed that he currently has cards up for sale in aid of the charity, Contact The Elderly - you can buy a pack of the ten designs above for 5.50, which is a steal when you look at the money some of his designs go for. So whether you are looking for a collectors item or just want to help out a great charity you should grab yourself a pack - they can be ordered by telephone on 020 7240 0630 or email


Anonymous said...

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Maria said...

ooh lucky lucky lucky to live ON columbia rd.. love it there! xx