Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Frock Me

T4 have commissioned their first very own fashion magazine show, Frock Me, which will be airing on Sunday (5th Oct) at 11.40am. Hosted by Alexa Chung and Henry Holland (a super collab much?) There will be street style, bands, celebrity guests and at the end of the show two teams of wannabe stylists will compete in a Frock Off in which they create an outfit to match the theme of the show (themes include denim, club chic, sportswear etc).

I believe the lovely Maria from Tissue Clouds will be competing in the first ever episode's Frock Off, cannot wait to see it!

Here's the BIG NEWS, yours truly will be writing the blog on the Channel 4 website each week, the first one will be up on Sunday, do read it and let me know what you think!


Maria said...

ooh wow! congratulations! ill defintely read it! (it is going to be a tres embarassing show though!!)

Anonymous said...

It was dreadful. Henry and Alexa looked bored and embarassed. The customisation of denim was sub-fashion student standard. Why do people think we care what Daisy Lowe and Agyness think of fashion? Why are there suddenly so many bad fashion shows on TV?

donna AND navaz said...

I really like Henry and Alexa and saw bits of the first show on Youtube. From what I can see it's had really bad feedback (online) although that's mainly from older people, rather than their target market. For me it comes across as very one-dimensional - indie/London/Henry/Aggy/Pixie/Daisy cliquey and I think this pisses people off. That said, I do think telly needs some fashion programmes for young people so I hope Channel 4 give it a chance and don't pull it after one series.