Friday, 3 October 2008

Style stealer

I'm not one to copy people, in fact I used to get super irritated if someone bought something that I had worn before them when I was at school. Nowadays, I have mellowed quite a bit, its totally a form of flattery, this I understand.

Maybe I am just saying that because I'm setting myself up to become a style stealer myself...probably.

I'm addicted to blogs as you will know if you have read this more than once, none more so than Facehunter as I find street style the most intriguing. When the Facehunter trails around fashion weeks shooting those coming in or out of shows I cant refresh the page quick enough.

Imagine my delight when i stumbled across a photo of the lovely Susie Bubble the other day, all I could think was, 'I need those shoes'. Looking ace as always Susie has donned a pair of Office 'Come On Eileen' black and white patent numbers that you can buy for £40 and I want some.

A modern day version of the brothel creeper, which I love anyway, think This Is England mixed with the Kings of Leon and you're kind of there.

Eek sorry Susie but I'm totally going to rip your style

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