Thursday, 23 October 2008

Soup & Fish please

OMG, I am a bit obsesses with Soup&Fish here are some of my favourite things that have been sold on the site, out of stock now but sign up to get exclusive updates on the next sale...

Viktor & Rolf patent leather shoes for 157 Euros from spring summer 2003

Margiela graffitti shopper 35 Euros down from 104 Euros

Chainbead necklace by Florian Ladstaetter for 264 Euros

Bernard Willhelm Open Grid Tunic 174 Euros down from 434 Euros

Oversized Patchwork Dress by Martin Margiela 185 Euros down from 389 Euros


Julie Denim Cape with hood and zip details is onsale for 108 Euros down from 280 Euros by Awareness and Consciousness

There is so much more much I must get to bed, I've signed up and cannot wait to see what they stock next

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