Monday, 27 October 2008

Net A Porter - New Miu Miu

So this morning as promised I went on Cocosa and invested in some more PPQ, only one thing but I do love adding to my PPQ collection (i have a cardigan and t shirt so far).

It was amazing how quickly some of the things sold out, I logged on at 8.10am after the sale had opened at 8am and lots of things had gone.

I am a keen advocate of an internet shop, I don't know if you saw the piece in Vogue about online shopping and the ways in which the clever online marketing draws you onto the site (emails after lunch time because you are more likely to open them, that kind of thing) it was fascinating. Anyway, Net-a-porter sent out an email about the new Miu Miu collection hitting the store, I blogged about this when it hit the catwalk so thought I would post up some of my favourite bits.

The honeycomb skirt is a whopping £1,380 but looks divine

check it out on the catwalk

The lurex sweater dress is slightly more affordable at £205

The cashmere blend peacoat is so Miu Miu and reminds me of the Roisin Murphy video for "Know Me Better"

Checked cropped trousers SO ON TREND £240

The double zip dress at £770, i remember seeing these on the catwalk with the model's initials embroidered onto the chest

Finally, this colour block sweater dress is something special at £260

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Hannah said...

Wow!! Love this double zip dress... It's unique and stylish...