Thursday, 30 October 2008

Sexy legs

After I posted about my doctor giving me a high heel ban until my back got better I received an email about a new high heel workout DVD, sounds pretty interesting - apparently it strengthens your legs and core as well as toning your legs, so could potentially be brilliant.

according to the website it strengthens your legs so you can wear the new killer heels that are out there and decrease the risk of injury to your back, which will please my doctor no end.

Here's some blurb

LEGWORK is the first high heel instructional and fitness workout proven to increase sexiness, confidence and grace in heels. LEGWORK teaches the advanced high heel fitness and training routines of top Broadway dancers and was created in collaboration with ballerinas, women’s shoe designers, fitness experts and podiatrists. Each LEGWORK instructor has over 12 years of professional dance training and experience in high heels. High heel fitness is the secret to sexy high heel walking and endurance!

LEGWORK strengthens and tones legs and core, targeting specifically the upper and lower legs, abs, butt, the inner and outer thighs, calves, ankles and feet for stability, control and endurance in heels of all heights.

Amazing present for Chrimbo, I'm sure you'll agree - you can get it here

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