Thursday, 17 September 2009


Some more social media things for everyone to geek out to, just me? Ok, just me. I wrote about the GAP pop up store on Kingly Street a while back and wanted to add to this with a little post about is a facebook site that features celebs talking about what they we’re born to do and gives you the opportunity to make your own Gap ad as well as get style advice.

They have also created an app for all you iPhone users, here's some blurb.

The AKQA-designed Apple app, the StyleMixer, is a ‘social shopping’ application that allows users to organize their outfits, get feedback from Facebook friends and the StyleMixer community, integrate images of clothes from their own closets and get ideas from other community members.

I am interested in the idea of this but I also see the faux shiny optimism of GAP a little laughable, i'll check out the store and let you know what I think!

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