Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Hi, I'm Holly and I have a problem....

I lost a PPQ cardigan to a pack of bastard moths the other day and just this minute, while slobbing out in my pyjamas watching Clueless I went for my dressing gown and SIX flew in my face. They are all dead now, and the room has been vacuumed, said dressing gown is now in a hot wash.

Only yesterday I was reading Susannah Frankel's column in The Independent about her losing a Rick Owens scarf to these blighters. So the time has come to invest in some cedar sachets and regularly hoover under the bed, how boring!


Sapphire Island said...


in our office we have so many old knitwear samples, whenever you open a box of them a cloud of moths flies in your face!

Sarah said...

So far I've lost:

Sara Berman sample sale yellow cashmere argyle jumper
Erotokios backless half applique black jumper (way better than it sounds)

I'm so paranoid about moths that I keep a few things in special zip-up bags surrounded by lavendar. It's literally the curse of London!

Also - after you hot wash, put your dressing gown in a sealable plastic bag & leave it freezer for a day. Weird but works!