Tuesday, 22 September 2009

London Fashion Week: Sunday

(body Agent Provocateur, skirt American Apparel, shoes Kurt Geiger - for some reason I'm quite embarrassed by this piccy so it might not stay up much longer)
So this was me on Sunday all ready for the foray into fashion city for the third day of LFW. Sam and I headed stright down to The Strand where we visited our lovely friend Kirsty from Tatty Devine who was resplendently dressed in Vivienne Westwood from head to toe:

Cheeky monkey wouldnt stay still so I accidentally chopped a bit of her Charlie Le Mindu'd hair out of the piccy,oops. The Tatty Devine stand at 180 The Strand was by far the best out of all of the stands in the three storey building...

We met Rosie, one of the founders of Tatty Devine and she let me take a 'far away' shot of the new collection. Below is the classic collection laid out on a side board that I really want.

Next stop was the Eley Kishimoto show, we swigged some free LFW Chambord cocktails on the way and got into a very big queue...

Photos used from the show have been taken from weknowwhatyoudidlastnight.com, prints as always were strong and bright with my favourite being a feather print which came out at the end. The shoes were a real high point for me too, I will definitely be purchasing one or two pairs (oh dear)

After a couple of hours in Gordon's Wine Bar with the boy - we ate so much I thought my boning (in my corset) was going to stab me - we headed to Vivienne Westwood Red Label. Some unexpected things graced the catwalk, including a spliff, a dog and a costcutter plastic bag...oh and Pixie Geldof.

Here's what The Times said:
Straw-chewing models with just-been-tumbled hair braved overloud techno to show off a collection riffing on classically English sartorial touchstones. These were boating stripes, patterned silk brocade that could have been plundered from some on-its-uppers country estate, Argyle and a pretty old floral.

My favourite pieces from the collection were three dresses, a black runched short number, a shocking pink figure hugging dress and silver foil looking creation.

Here's the Telegraph's video from the show....I heart Hilary Alexander

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