Sunday, 12 April 2009


My Mum had lots of Biba clothes and make up when she was younger, I still have an amazing selection of lipsticks that she has kept from the 60s (she has an amazing wardrobe but is smaller than me, boo) You may remeber that Biba brought out another collection recently but it was hugely overpriced and the quality was less than brilliant. The brand went into administration pretty soon after that and the founder has been creating wallpaper and jewellery for the V&A in the interim. Its time to give the brand another try as the founder Barbara Hulanicki is creating a capsule collection for Topshop Unique.

Catwalk Queen
describe the range as floaty and feminine and you can see some of the clothes above, frpom the looks of things the range is perfect for the skinny sixties figure - if you have one.

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