Monday, 20 April 2009

Trend forecast #1

You know when you want to do an Alexa but your friends recognise that you are doing an Alexa and find it humourous that you are such an obvious copycat? Well, if you get yourself one of these Barbour quilted jackets I reckon you can do an Alexa before she has even done it herself.

Put into normal English I predict these jackets are going to be huge this summer, replacing the winter wax jacket with a summer quilted is natural and uber cool.

I could only get hold of a picture in green from the lovely people at Barbour but I think blue is going to be even more on trend.

Details are below, thanks to the lovely press officers at Barbour for the images.

L175-Flyweight Utility Quilt Jacket-Olive
With its attractive diamond pattern and shape, this quilted jacket features plenty of pockets and is both a stylish and functional addition to the wardrobe. Machine Washable.
Colours Available: Olive, Stone, Black, Dark Brown
Sizes Available: 8-20
RRP: £109.00

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Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Yes! I keep seeing quilted jackets everywhere! Spot on.

Also, thanks for the cuff love!