Sunday, 12 April 2009

Curvy is back...right?

As anyone who reads this blog will be aware I am an avid fan of Sunday Times Style, I read it every week, its almost a 'thing' and I hate admitting having 'a thing'. Today's cover story is all about the return of curves, now, according to the supplement bible thin is so not in.

This is great news seeing as its Easter and we are all gorging ourselves on Cadburys Creme Eggs, Easter cake and anything we can get our hands on that is remotely chocolatey. Only yesterday the papers were proclaiming that due to the credit crunch this Easter we will binge on more chocolate than ever. So yep, perfect, lets get fat and be fashionable, right? Wrong. According to STS 'You need a small waist and a flat stomach to contrast with those fuller hips. A pair of nice arms, good ankles and a well defined clavicle make all the difference.' Remind me to tell my body this.

The thing is, I don't quite belief it myself, see Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is supposed to be the poster girl for the new curvy revolution and yet we all know that modern clothes aren't half as flattering on her as 50's styles. Plus, we're all supposed to lust over January Jones (Betty Draper) and do we ever really sympathise with Joan (Christina), negative.

I love Daisy Lowe's figure, according to the fashion press (and some snipey front rowers) she doesn't have a model physique yet I would rather look like her than Agyness Deyn. She is my ideal figure, curvy yet still slim. Given Daisy or Christina I'd take Daisy anyday but equally over any size zero models.

I don't believe that curvy is quite as cool now as STS would have you believe, have you seen the new girls on 90210? They look pre pubescent and yep, pretty hot. Whilst perception should change and STS are bold for kick starting this, it hasn't quite yet, the sheer fact that Style had to list the designers who make bigger sizes is a case in point, no?

I admire the fact that STS is proclaiming that skinny is no longer sexy but lets not get ahead of ourselves here, you are not going to see many bigger models gracing the catwalks soon. Why? Because fashion is about the unobtainable, in a way, lots of the models are 14 years old and size minus 2, many of the clothes are massively expensive and you are never going to own the whole collection. Fashion is aspirational and skinny is still the ultimate goal because this figure is sample size and the size that most collections are designed to look best on.


Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

I totally see your point, but I hope curves do start to make an impact! I love Daisy too, as you well know. But I must say Mad Men has given a "curvy" girl like me some hope! x

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Daisy Lowe is meant to be curvy. yes she's not size 0 but she's a very slim girl who happens to have a larger set of breasts than most girls her size.
This doesn't make her curvy it makes her busty surely?