Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The return of the icon...

Its about time music reclaimed its fashion heroes, sure we've had the likes of Ipso Facto and The Horrors inadvertently styling the way music fans have dressed but these are people I see in the local shop and in dive bars in East London. For that reason these young super cool bands can lose their cool factor pretty quickly, most notably when you find out they get drunk like you and queue to get into the same parties. Which is why I am ecstatic at the return of the super icons, namely Karen O and Peaches, both of whom are back with new albums and equally amazing outfits.

I saw this recently on a pro Peaches blog....not leggy or energetic so I didn't apply!

the PEACHES is wanting you to appear in her next video.
she (well the director) is wanting fun, energetic, leggy, party girls to feature in the PEACHES new vid.
the do will take place this Sunday 15th March between 2:30pm - 5:00pm at Studio 2B, Enterprise House, Tudor Grove (LONDON).
female jamie@charlielemindu.com if you’re interested.

Peaches will also be playing the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank (London) this Friday, how ironic watching Peaches on Good Friday, girl is nothing but bad!

...I walked past Karen O in Soho the other day and to be honest she never fails to fill me with fan love whenever I see her (by that read slightly stalker tendencies!) The new album It's Blitz is brilliant, Zero is an obvious single with the track Hysteric killing me every time with the heart rendering lyrics.

Ladies of rock n roll, its been a long time, welcome back

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Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Peaches is a filthy legend x