Saturday, 18 April 2009

Can you work it?

Dalston's best clubnight Work It! is celebrating it's one year anniversary tonight and it's going to be brilliant. It is mine and my friends plan to make it down to Work It! at Visions on Kingsland Road tonight, however, insider knowledge tells me that the queue is going to be obscene so I'll let you know how that goes!

My main reason for writing about Work It! is because anyone who goes will recognise that they are well and truly bringing back Moschino. I love this for a number of reasons but mainly because my Auntie used to have an early 90's Moschino handbag and belt - you know the ones with the moving gold letters - which I have never forgotten and instantly fell in love with. The Work It! djs share my love for Moschino and recently bagged this little wonder on eBay...

The punters at the club are impeccably dressed below are some of their Moschino wins:

Loving those jeans by the way.

I like to se that the boys are rocking it as well. Get fighting the cool kids of Dalston for a classic Moschino belt on eBay before the whole world gets involved.

Work It! is getting very popular these days and quite rightly so, I wonder how long it will last? Let's hope we get in tonight and I'll maybe even take some pictures of us doing a cheeky bogle.

All of these pictures come from the Work It! blog

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June said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Moschino bumbag - I NEED ONE! V. jealous....