Saturday, 18 April 2009

Lacroix Darling, Lacroix!

I love a good collaboration and everytime I walk past the Gola shop on Carnaby Street (twice a day in the week) I mean to blog bout this strange pairing. Why is it strange? I guess I think Lacroix = Absolutely Fabulous and cries of IT'S LACROIX! from Edina much to the chargrin of Saffy.

Here's what the man himself, Mr Christian Lacroix, has to say about the collection

"In a way, trainers are to the 21st century what shimmering ties and multicoloured vests were to the dandies of the 19th century - a distinctive sign, a personal signature. That is the perspective from which I prefer to view fashion, rather than that of uniformity. Given carte blanche by Gola, I took the opportunity, with much gratitude, to bring the modernity of a contemporary and popular brand together with the timeless baroque of an iconic design of our Couture House: the embroideries of a torero cape."

Ok, nice quote CL, what's more interesting is the return of yet another 90's fashion icon to the fashion stage, can we blame Super Super Magazine or lack of imagination from brands, or merely the fact that they were cool and edgy and that is sometimes all the kids need

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