Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I counted two S.C.U.M t shirts in this month's i-D magazine, for anyone who is unversed in the joys of S.C.U.M here is their video for latest single Signal (1) Wasaw - maybe give it a miss if you have epilepsy mind.

S.C.U.M SIGNAL (1) 'WARSAW' from S.C.U.M on Vimeo.

...and here is the blurb...yep, that's Sam Kilcoyne of Underage Festival fame on Moog

Announcing a series of exclusive digital download tracks by S.C.U.M, location specific works created and recorded in cities across Europe.

As S.C.U.M travel across Europe performing shows they create new music in
new environments, a body of new works called SIGNALS.

Taking studio time in each city they visit, S.C.U.M are recording new works
specific to each location. These new tracks will be released as digital downloads, SIGNALS from around the globe. Each SIGNAL will be available for a limited time period. Building into a body of work documenting their sonic journey. Each SIGNAL will act as an audio visual scrapbook of the bands travels and musical progression.

SIGNALS are rapid fire experimentation in sound and visual information, immediate access to the creative output of a band / bypassing all time consuming process / a fluid connection / a conversation / a discourse /allowing whiteness to the construction of ideas as they happen.

The first S.C.U.M. SIGNAL is entitled ‘WARSAW’ on the 27th of April 2009. The Track was recorded in November last year at the Kosmos studios in Warsaw and mixed in London by Gareth Jones.

S.C.U.M. are : Thomas Vain (vocal), Bradley Baker (machines),
Samuel Kilcoyne (moog), Melissa Rigby (drums) and Huw Webb (Bass).

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