Saturday, 5 January 2008

Another Ukelele-ist

I know that's not even slightly a word that will ever be recognised by the Oxford Dictionary but what the hell.

As promised, here is my posting about another great Ukelele toting girl Lucy and the Caterpillar, which is the name for Manchester based Lucy Conroy's solo project.

An artist with many strings to her hyperthetical bow, Lucy Conroy not only charms the world with her romanticised tales of everyday life but also owns her own vintage store near Hebden Bridge (near where Sylvia Plath was buried fact fans).

I first saw Lucy play live at the Proud Galleries (RIP) in Camden's Stables Market, she took to the stage decked out in vintage from head to toe (from her outfit I can only imagine that she has a vintage collection to rival Beyond Retro) and singing songs about red wine, Kings Cross and toast in an arresting northern lilt. With only her Ukelele for support (alas, no actual caterpillars) Lucy captivated an audience of trendy gig goers who don't stop talking for anyone - apart for her it would seem.

Start with her track Kings Cross and slowly fall in love with Lucy and the Caterpillar from there onwards - check her out at


tony said...

Thanks For The Tip.I live in Hebden, so i will check her out.

charmer said...

i know her!