Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Tatty Devine Rewind

Between 7th November and 13th January Tatty Devine were offering you the chance to drop off your old Eternal tapes that you were desperate to get rid of in case someone cool found them and ruined your credibility in one fell swoop. (No? Just me) Anyway, whether it was Eternal / MN8 or R Kelly (oh god, shut up, shut up) then Tatty Devine were offering to take your old tapes to be recycled - or more precisely, knitted into something snazzy.

Tomorrow night you can witness the unveiling of the fantastic offerings made from said tapes as the lovely ladies at Tatty Devine emerge with their offerings as well as some wine and fun stuff in the shape of competition prizes and knitted displays. You need to rsvp to if you want to go - don't say i didnt warn you!

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