Thursday, 10 January 2008

Kate Moross for Topshop

Kate Moross is the creative pair of hands behind the East London scene's amazing flyers. Having designed flyers for the likes of People Are Germs, Sick of Nature and Troubled Minds - as well as creating the instantly recognisable Young Turks logo and those Chalk flyers with the girl drawing a stereo on the pavement (one of my personal favourites).

Now Miss Moross has a collection of vests, jumpers and t-shirts coming to Topshop and in celebration of this will be a live model in the window of Topshop on 25/26th January - drawing illustrations in the window of the shop. The best thing is that the first 25 people to come and see her will get a sharpie pen and piece of original artwork.

Kate Moross is a 21 year old graphic artist from London - you can see more of her designs on her website:

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