Friday, 4 January 2008

With a little help from my cleanse

Perhaps the most perfect solution to post-Christmas wintery skin, the Eve Lom Travel Kit is a bit like a trip to rehab for your face. Best to apply after drinking 2 litres of water (after drinking 7 litres of vodka) and while watching all the episodes of 24 (just me?). It's even got TLC cream, what more could you need.

Anyway, Vogue recommended the travel kit as the best way to shrink you beauty package, Hello reckon it's pretty good too. I'm not arguing with them. Containing the Eve Lom cleanser and muslin cloth - the best way to clean your face but a tad too pricey to use everyday, Hand Cream with sun protection factor, Rescue mask and Eve's new moisturiser with sun protection.

It all comes in a nifty bag too - it may well be 50 pounds but how much is a week in the Priory? Exactly.

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