Thursday, 10 January 2008

Brand New Burberry

The 2008 Burberry campaign has been written about in quite a few places, i'll grant you that, however, i'm going to jump on the bandwagon here and do something on it too.

Featuring the beautiful Agyness Deyn as well as some famous kids - Coco Summer (daughter of sting) as well as Merlin Ferry - daughter of Bryan, actors Alex Pettyfer and Eddie Redmayne.

Most importantly - Jack Bevan from Foals stars in the campaign and Will Cameron from Blondelle (Mr Daisy Lowe)

I do miss Ed Larrikin and Patrick Wolf from last year's black and white shots. Lets hope they crop up later on in the year


Kate said...

I like that they've taken a younger approach...I still can't afford anything but I like the look of it!

LucyF said...

Last Saturday the Sun recreated the picture with similar models in the same poses but all the clothes were from Primark etc.

I've looked all over for it online, but can't find it, wish I'd kept it, it was really funny.