Monday, 28 January 2008

Emma Cook for Fred Perry

For those who haven't seen the new Fred Perry womenswear shop in Covent Garden, I implore you to check out the website so you can devour the Emma Cook collection.

Fred Perry is a staple for the mod / ska types out there and the female advertising campaign features 60's inspired girls with lashings of eye liner and severe brunette bobs - which I love!

Having experienced why not to wash a Fred Perry t-shirt (if any children out there want some FP polos send them to me) I have to say that for what you get, it can be a tad over-priced and this is pretty off putting.

However, the Emma Cook for Fred Perry has lured me back into the shop, above is a montage of the outfits - the dresses are definitely the best - i just love the over-sized crests. Ranging from 80-120 quid the dresses are something to save up for just don't put them in the wash!

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Miss Woo said...

I used to be quite into Fred Perry and buy their stuff from those designer discount stores. The clothes in the London shops are so expensive though, having said that the Emma Cook dress really are very nice.