Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Almost too good to be true

I don't think anything could be more exciting...Luella for Urban Outfitters, prices staring from £39 you say? Wow.

Luella Bartley was fashion editor for The Evening Standard (London) and British Vogue once upon a time, nowadays she is a well respected fashion designer.

Luella has made geeks chic and is rocking the witch look for Winter. Her collections are just out of budget for me, unless maybe she decides to design a range for Urban Outfitters...what's that? Yep, that is exactly what she is doing, hitting shops mid July, Luella's range for Urbo is said to be made up of "paisley print prom dresses, gypsy embroidered shirts, striped Ts and studded clutches." and I could not be more excited.

...Starts checking UO website everyday...obsession is healthy right?

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