Thursday, 24 July 2008

Gok's Fashion Fix

...and this blog is sponsored by Channel 4, oh no, just my love for Gok (I said Gok) shining through.

Gok Wan, you either love him or hate him, I personally love him, even if he occasionally says things I disagree with (hey Gok, Dannii Minogue's 'shameful' skirt from her youth, is actually amazing). Anyway, I have chosen some of my favourites from his 'must haves' over the last five weeks

So starting with the Oasis prom dress with bow detail, £65

Then the Topshop top, £35(I'm not sure how good this would look on me, plus I have a no tum showing rule but on others, lovely)

Finally, I do like this New Look dress and £35 its a steal!

Go Gok, long may you rein


Lucy F said...

Gok came in my office today with a camera crew and talked about people's clothes, half of the ladies ran to the toilets to brush thier hair and put makeup on. The other half paraded as near to the cameras as they could get and sucked their stomachs in. I hid in the kitchen.

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

oooohhh that last dress is INCREDIBLE!!!

loveyoumore said...

I would have hidden too, although maybe I wouldnt, depends what I was wearing.

I wish he had come to the kitchen and told you 'girlfriend got it going on'