Monday, 21 July 2008

Good jeans

I dont really like buying jeans, is there anyone who does? I certainly don't know many. Buying jeans generally invoves guessing how long my legs are (they're short) and how big my waist is (it varies) and then realising i'm guessing wrong and having a bit of a tantrum.

Imagine my surprise then when I popped into the Start sale and asked the immaculately dressed sales assistant (See by Chloe skirt no less) to find me some jeans that will look good on me. It was a mere second before she picked out the Earnest Sewn Harlan's. They buy all of the jeans with a 34inch leg in Start, bonkers, you may think but they do get someone to alter your jeans for a mere £10 and a two day wait. Needless to say, i love them, everyone has commented about how well they fit me and thats a good boost for a Monday.

I didn't know much about Earnest Sewn until I flicked through i-D last night and stumbled across the man himself, well designer and president Scott Morrison.

Things that make Scott Morrison amazing:

He loves Morrissey

Moz has asked ES for pairs for his US tour

It is Scott who was behind Earnets Sewn's 'Morrissey' wash

I'll definitely be investing in more pairs of `Earnest Sewn's

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Remington said...

I'm just looking for designer mens jeans at right price...