Sunday, 20 July 2008

Swap Shop

I dutifully got in the queue for the opening day of Visa Swap yesterday - despite a raging post birthday hangover. It was quite a terrifying sight seeing lots of ladies queueing through Covent Garden market with their fashion faces on, you know the one I mean, steely determination, the look that says "Yeah, I may talk to you now but if you come between me and a low priced MJ Stam then you'll know about it".

As soon as we got let in to the building - you had to flash your Visa Swap card to gain entry - there was something of a stampede upstairs to the handbag room. You have never seen anything like it, a lady stood on a table with the most expensive handbags in her hands, there was a Dior Saddle bag in there, and threw them on the floor. The scene was like a Bride throwing a bouquet, everyone was pushing and shoving to get their hands on the intended one for them. I'm not a big bag lady so I got stuck into the clothes, although someone did ask if my Luella bag was up for swapsies, it certainly wasn't.

I was a bit disappointed at the lack of designer labels and the menswear section was sparse, a nice man gave me his card as he could see I was carrying loads of stuff and couldn't find anything himself, what a lovely thing to do.

So what did I get?

A pink Hobbs coat
A red Marks & Spencer vintage blazer
A Jaeger cardigan
The cutest jumper from Kind
One small square handbag
An Estee Lauder PVC bag

I'm going to do a small photo shoot for you soon so you can check them all out. In the meantime, Getty caught the back of my head when I was trying on said pink coat and you can see it below - I'm the brunette and remain pretty anonymous, which is no bad thing! The caption on the Getty website is 'fashionistas trade at Visa Swap'...funny.

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discothequechic said...

sounds like a hybrid of heaven and hell to me!

all that pushing and elbowing, eesh!