Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Bow belles

I'm very excited about this huge bow bumbag...yes thats right a bumbag...fannypack to any American readers.

CarrotCake is selling these on Etsy for £24 and I just had to buy one, mainly because of this conversation I just had with my boyfriend:

Me: OH MY GOD this is amazing, its a bumbag and a bow!
Him: You really do not need that...look at the size of it...

For those who do not know what Etsy is, its tag line is 'your place to buy and sell all things handmade' and thats exactly what it is. A marketplace for handmade things, what is better than that??

I can't wait for my bow bumbag to come through the post


Maria said...

i love this... how can someone not need a bow bum bag!!.... another one sold!! haha!

Victoria-Olivia said...

wow that is amazing! bumbags are actually quite handy, especially on a night out, i have a hello kitty one, but the bow one is much better!