Thursday, 24 July 2008


Its a given that the goth look is going to be huge in Autumn, hell the shops are already stocking black lace creations so its hardly a surprise. Luella rocked the look in February when she sent her models down the catwalk wearing witches hats. Peaches has been adorning her body with some new tattoos which look decidedly Autumn Winter 08/09 - that might have something to do with her new beau Mr Faris Rotter of Horrors fame.

Anyway, as if we needed any more consolidation of the fact that the goth look is going to be huge, the lovely Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe destroyed the look (in a good way) at Monday's Dark Knight premiere - do these girls ever make a sartorial mistake? I don't think so. Daisy looks a lot like her mum, Pearl, and Alexa looks like a 'darker' version of herself.

Look out for Reiss' black lace trimmed dress which should be hitting stores soon for the best in goth chic (and dig out that black lipstick)

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